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Misha should be killed

A call for help from an animal welfare organisation in Athens reached George on a Saturday.

Some villagers in the village of "Psinthos" on Rhodes threatened to kill the abandoned dog Misha if we didn't pick her up.

George travelled to the village the next day, was able to take the old, emaciated shepherd dog with him and took her straight to the vet.

Thankfully, no diseases were found and the malnourished dog was lovingly nursed back to health by George.

But how should things continue with Misha? An older female German shepherd has little or no chance of being placed in an animal shelter.

However, with the help offered by the animal welfare organisation "SpecialDogs e.V.", which is a friend of ours, a dream home was finally found for Misha after a short time thanks to the large social media reach. Thank you very much for this!

In gratitude for Georg's help and tireless efforts, the adopter renamed Misha GEORGINA.

The pictures show GEORGINA (Gina) in her great new home. She is well cared for and gets all the love she deserves!

Thanks to many wonderful people, GEORGINA's Christmas miracle came true!

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