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Animal Rescue Team

The ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM, led by George Kritikos, is doing crucial work to alleviate the suffering of animals on Rhodes and give many of them a chance at a life fit for their species.

Important notice!

It is not part of Animal Rescue's role to solve problems of private individuals in connection with their pets.

In particular, it is currently not possible to hand over pets to the local animal shelter, as the shelter is already hopelessly overcrowded with over 400 dogs.


Animal Rescue Team
Rescue - Save - Secure - Care

The ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM works in close cooperation with the police, the municipality, local animal shelters, veterinarians and animal welfare organisations. In most cases, this ensures that the animals are cared for quickly and to a large extent throughout the area.


For us, this means exclusively helping animals in need, pets as well as wild animals on Rhodes.

We rescue animals from emergency situations, which a normal citizen is not able to do.

This includes lost and found animals, injured animals and animals from extremely poor husbandry. Often the local police ask us for help to travel with them to a rescue mission.

Our "Rescue Mobile", donated by private animal welfare organisations in 2023, is indispensable for rescue and neutering operations.

All rescue missions and the veterinary costs usually associated with them are financed exclusively by donations, so please help us so that we can help animals in need, thank you very much.

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