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For shelter dogs, adoption is the only chance they have of ever leaving the shelter alive. However, before you grant an animal its fondest wish, you should know and consider the following when making your decision.

The animal may have been through traumatic experiences and may need time and patience to adjust and build trust with you.

The breed of the dog or which breed characteristics dominate in a mixed breed also plays an important role, according to its needs, temperament and behaviour. As a rule, you will have found a grateful, affectionate friend for life in no time, but you should also be prepared for possible hurdles along the way.



All dogs in the overcrowded shelter in the community are hoping for adoption and a new home. If you have the opportunity to choose your new protégé personally on site, please make an appointment with George, see contact.

Interested parties from Germany should contact the animal welfare organisations SpecialDogs e.V. or Sun Dogs Rhodes e.V.       

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