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Leo's most beautiful day

Leo lives as a guard dog on a farm. He has never seen the inside of the farmhouse, only the stable, because that is where he lives. The farmer built a sleeping bench for Leo a long time ago so that he doesn't have to lie on the cold concrete - because there is no straw in this stable. The farmer's wife always puts a big feed bag next to Leo's sleeping bench, and he can help himself to it whenever he wants. There is plenty of water to drink, because a small stream flows right past the farm.

Leo is now 14 years old and very frail. His tired, old bones hurt him terribly and he can no longer get onto the bench that the farmer built for him many years ago - he now lies under it. But it is always very cold there. The farmer has not given him a blanket. Why should he? He doesn't know how Leo suffers - he's just a dog.

Today it has snowed and it is Christmas Eve. Beautiful lights are burning in the house, there is the smell of delicious food, thick smoke is rising from the chimney - but here in the stable it is the same as always: cold and lonely.

Leo doesn't want to be here today; he is very unwell and feels his end approaching. He looks around sadly - where should he go to sleep in peace? He trots to the big front door and begins to cry bitterly. Silently he thinks to himself, "Oh, if only they would let me into the house today."
On any other day he would have been scolded for that, but not today, because today is Christmas Eve. The farmer's wife opens the door and hands him a large piece of sausage. For the first time in his life! His old heart beats with joy and hope - can he really lie in front of the warm stove tonight?

But his hope fades very quickly: the farmer's wife sends him back to his place. Leo is desperate and very lonely - sad and with a heavy heart he leaves the farm. The first time in his life. One last look, but no one looks after him ...

His way is long, often he has to take a break, sit down - the air to breathe becomes scarce and his legs hurt terribly, but he makes it. He does not want to give up ...

With the last of his strength, he drags himself to the small red door of an old wooden hut. He sees the beautiful lights, gathers all his courage and begins to cry aloud once more. A very old, sick man opens the door for him. They look into each other's eyes - and the stars begin to twinkle at that moment. In front of Leo stands the only person who had ever caressed him. In front of him is the farmhand who left the farm years ago.

The old man invites Leo inside and puts a soft blanket in front of the warm stove - it is the first time in a long long time that Leo does not have to be cold. The farmhand and Leo have been lonely and alone for many years - happy and together they both now fall asleep peacefully.
(Author unknown)

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