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Fallow deer freed from a net

As is often the case, Animal Welfare Officer George Kritikos received an emergency call from the police, and 10 minutes later the Municipality of Rhodes (the municipality) also asked him for help because a fallow deer was in distress.

George immediately contacted the responsible gamekeepers and together they were able to find the deer, it had become hopelessly entangled in a net.

Without outside help, the animal would not have had a chance and would have died miserably after an endless struggle.

Together with the 2 gamekeepers, the stag was finally freed from the deadly net after a hard effort.

Again and again, wild animals get caught in these nets, the use of which is prohibited by law for the protection of fields.


The following day, George Kritikos published the animal rescue in the newspaper, pointing out once again that this is not the first time something like this has happened, as the villagers put up the forbidden nets to protect their fields. 


As a result, wild animals get caught in these nets again and again, sustaining serious injuries and, in the worst case, falling victim to a tragic death.

In order to protect the wild animals on Rhodes, the ANIMAL RESCUE TEAM expressly appeals to the population to stop using these nets immediately.

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